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  • EdgeRouter 4 Install msd_lite / msd

    msd_lite http://www.netlab.linkpc.net/wiki/en:software:msd:lite Deprecated, but recommended!!! You can also use Multi Stream daemon (msd) Steps: 1 Clone code on computer, because my ER-4 reports dpkg errors, due to the outdated debian stretch. Then upload to ER-4 2 On ER-4, install build-essential, cmake For build-essential, read EdgeRouter 4 Build & Install udpxy 3 build on ER-4 4 configure…

  • 北京联通猫棒 IPTV

    故事背景:家里拉了很多年的千兆,这两年才从 FTTB 换成 FTTH。但是之前买的千兆套餐不送 IPTV 了,而光改的时候,联通的工作人员帮我改了桥接,但是所有口都绑定了 Internet。现在开通IPTV需要初装费,还要月费,所以我就没开通。本来是不想折腾的,因为实在没空,但是被催了好久猫棒的事情,所以就临时下了个单,花了一天做了些实验。

  • EdgeRouter 4 Build & Install udpxy

    Please DON’T use udpxy, check msd_lite!!! Source Code: http://gigapxy.com/download/udpxy/ Steps: 1 Configure apt source EdgeOS 2.0 is based on debian stretch, outdated. 2 install build-essential 3 Get source, and build Then you will see error like cc not found. You’ll see This is because the binutils package provided by UBNT is almost empty. Backup your…